Raiford 2020

What matters to you in 2020?

Let us know how you met Teressa and what's important to you in the 2020 election.


It’s our time to step up and lead our communities.

Bring people up, not keep them down.


Moving Portland Forward

Working together and doing what it takes to elect the leadership we deserve in Portland.

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Host A Party

Help us engage in your neighborhood - Let's organize a house party together!

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Community Involvement

Public safety and community health matters and we should all be on the frontline. 

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This campaign is about people power.


What would Portland be like if City Hall belonged to the people, and was run by people power?

What could we accomplish if it was a place where the community came and worked together to build and implement real solutions? 

What if rather than dictating from the heights of corporate roundtables, we had a mayor who worked collaboratively with the people of this community to build policy from below and create a healthy, vibrant, sustainable city for all of us?



Dedicated to community.

I look forward to sharing my insight on grassroots organizing as a resource, and how we can build an impactful campaign through community engagement that adds value to the process of governance in our city. I hope you’ll join me in this important journey.