Community Involvement

Teressa is the founder of Don’t Shoot Portland and a community organizer who has fed thousands of individuals without using government aid. Our communities include many people who each have access to different sets of resources, networks, and privileges that when successfully organized can accomplish anything.


Organizing communities is the key to solving the issues we face in Portland and making this a city where all can thrive. Teressa is prepared to change City Hall into a place that facilitates community organization and generates community-based solutions. This will be in stark contrast to what City Hall has been for decades, a bureaucratic nightmare with little accountability.


People getting involved in the civic process is going to drive the changes our communities need. Civic engagement starts with meeting people, dialogue, and building community, which is why hosting and/or coming to a Teressa Raiford House Party Fundraiser or Volunteer event is a powerful action to take. 


If you cannot make it to an action in person, but would like to share something with our campaign that's important to you about your community - please use the form below. 


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