It’s time to step up and lead our communities.

Bring people up, not keep them down.


A proven and determined leader, Teressa Raiford has been able to develop the tools necessary to implement positive change and growth in her city. By building relationships with auditors, legal professionals and civil rights organizations, Teressa Raiford has established programs and educational platforms that have promoted civic engagement and encouraged tens of thousands of people to not only vote, but to take a more active role within their communities.


She has demonstrated her strong sense of diplomacy when it comes to lobbying to get the results she’s after. People getting involved in the civic process will drive the changes our communities need. Civic engagement starts with meeting people to create a dialogue, which in turn will build stronger communities.


This is why hosting and/or coming to a House Party Fundraiser or volunteer event is a powerful action to take. Teressa Raiford is prepared to change City Hall into a place that facilitates community based solutions. 

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